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As lovers of art and beauty, we carefully curate our paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and gifts for the discerning buyer. Our mission is to connect you to the unique art that was meant for you all along.

Inspired by gallery owner Clelia Sheppard’s Italian heritage, our philosophy at Lemon Tree Gallery & Studio is that art helps you savor life. Whether you’re feeling that Chesapeake Bay breeze as you sip a limoncello on our patio, or you’re falling in love with a painting that makes your heart race, time spent at Lemon Tree is a guaranteed dose of Sorrento sunshine—right here in the historic town of Cape Charles.


We passed that summer lost love, beneath the Lemon Tree

                                                            - Peter, Paul, and Mary



Monday - Thursday             10:00am - 5:00pm
Friday                               10:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday                           10:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday                             10:00am - 4:00pm


Live Artist Studios


Watch the magic unfold as our artists create new works on the spot.

A Community Space


Expand your mind and your creativity with neighbors and friends.

A Fine Art Gallery


See the latest from our resident artists and experience works from across the globe.

A Unique Gift Shop

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Find a treasure among our collection of artwork, home decor, gifts and jewelry.


We're bending the definition of a gallery.  This is not a place where you go silently and stare at the walls.

                                                                     - Clelia Sheppard


Artist and gallery owner Clelia Sheppard still feels nostalgia for her native Italy—the art, the landscape, the savoring of life’s pleasures. But after 25 years of living on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, and dedicating much of that time to bringing the arts to the historic town of Cape Charles, she has developed another true love of land and culture.

Clelia is deepening her Eastern Shore roots with Lemon Tree Gallery and Studio, an interactive space that builds on Cape Charles’ new tradition of global and local arts and also celebrates Clelia’s Italian heritage.

Much of the art in Lemon Tree is inspired by the natural beauty of the Eastern Shore, a peninsula surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean, a place rich in wildlife and rural farming, fishing, and Native American culture. On the southern tip of this peninsula, on a natural harbor, rests the small historic town of Cape Charles, and on a lovely corner on the main street of this town, next to the historic theatre, beams Lemon Tree Gallery & Studio.

We hope to see you soon.

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David Turner.png
Abby McCaleb
Akiko Tanaka
Albert Turner
Allison Swan
Amy Campbell
Anna Burger
Anne Bois
Anne Kushnick
Barbara Hart
Barbara Kobylinska
Benjamin Harris
Betty Anderson
Betty Farrell
Beverly Lynch
Bill Casto
Brenda Llewellyn
Brenna Doherty
Cameron Evans
Cathy Jo Ramsey
Charles Lindauer
Carol Claassen
Christine Harris
Chuck Peterson
Clelia Jane Sheppard
Cornelia Hoover
Dale Peterson
Daniel Goodwin
David Almond
David Crane
David Timm
Diana M. Davis
Diane Ginsberg
Don Donovan
Donald Kopczynski
Donna Stufft

Clelia Cardano Sheppard

Award-winning oil painter Clelia Sheppard.  Clelia's vivid painterly style exposes the beauty of light-filled dreamscapes and the elegance of the human form.

Thelma J. Peterson

Renowned watercolorist Thelma Peterson’s iconic landscapes and restful still life watercolors honor the natural rhythms of life on the Eastern Shore.

Bethany Simpson

Up-and-coming acrylic painter Bethany Simpson’s signature folk-art inspired paintings capture the joy and whimsy of simple coastal living.

David Turner

William H. Turner and David H. Turner, father and son, share a talent of capturing the beauty and motion of wildlife in bronze. Their native land, the Eastern Shore of Virginia, is rich in wildlife and is a continuous source of inspiration for their work. They have created more than 700 different limited edition bronzes and more than 100 large public commissions found throughout the United States.

Dottie Troxler
Ed Kuhn
Eileen Weber
Elaine Elkins
Eloise Shelton-Mayo
Ev Niewoehner
Fran Kolet
Fred Freeman
Giuseppe Dovis
Gordon Allen
Helen Bongiovanni
Ian McNair
Irene Volke
Ivanka Mincheva
Jack and Judy Witt
Jack Rourke
Jane Wettach
Jay Fleming
Jeannie Winters
John Harlow
John Nyberg
Joshua Justice
Judy Brunk
Julie Cardinale
Karen Kolet
Kate Rooney
Kathy Grook
Lauren Andreach
Linda Ennis
Maggie Gucwa-Sheppard Marcie Otterson
Maria Gayhart
Marian Schweighofer
Marsh Ryon
Mel Titus
Melinda Blanchard
Michelle Clark
Midge Amos
Mike Morgan
Mike Parker
Nancy Barr
Nancy Richards West
Nataliya Yatel
Oroon Barnes
Pam Kossman
Patricia Parsons
Peter Accettola
Petya Ivanova
Phillip Spohn
Quinn Sale
Rachel Mitchell
Richard Nickel
Robert Arthur
Robin Cochran
Ron Vick
Roxy Chitlik
Sally McNeilan
Sarah Henderson
Sarah Strader
Serena Bates
Shannon Helenbrook
Sharon Whitman
Sherri Neale
Sloane Salonto
Sophia Louise Goodpasture Steve Zimmerman
Susan Kovacs
Michael Loring
Tim Spillane
Vera Miller
Walt Roll
Walter Holt
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Clelia Cardano Sheppard  | Gallery Owner

Mary Ann Roehm  | Gallery Manager

Sharon Whitman

Joanne Donahue

Maria Raphael

Kim Ferher

Michael Flannigan

Sally McNeilan

Rachel Jones  |  Digital & Graphic Content 


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